Welcome to my library. For starter's here a few clips of stuff I've read that I liked a lot or that has meant a lot to me. I'm not pretentious enough to put anything I've written myself on here. Maybe some other time.

Recently I've been reading Robert Jordan's Circle of Time series. I think I'm on the sixth book. I took a break from that recently to read At Dawn We Slept, a historical look at December 7th, 1941, mostly from a military perspective.

I grew up reading mostly Sci-Fi fantasy over the years. My mother is an avid reader and that's probably where I get it from, although she reads more romance novels than anything else. I think my parents really got me started when they got me all fourteen L. Frank Baum "Oz" books for Christmas one year. From there, I picked up Tolkein and I've been hooked on Sci-Fi/Fantasy since. I got hooked on Shakespeare in high school and in college was introduced to a wide variety of "Classic Literature" which is the other half of what I read frequently. I absolutely love reading Ray Bradbury. I also love poetry. I've always has a fascination for books on the Arthurian Legend, from childrens books, through the poetry of Tennyson, and including Malory