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Just some photos from around our apartment in Farmington Hills.

Dominic in an unusual spot, at the computer. I've got a goofy smile.
The computer is normally an unusual spot because Kathi is usually there. Sing, Kathi, sing!
Kathi enjoys the great outdoors, just outside our apartment.
The view of the 2nd tee of the Independance Green Golf Course from our apartment. The nice view is about the only redeeming feature of the apartment.
Look! In the bathroom! There's ducks! And jellyfish! And seahorses!
Keeping the evil spirits away from the TV.
Some Kathi art in our apartment. We differ on which way it should be facing, Kathi prefers the left, I prefer the right. You be the judge.
Kathi's sis Beth comes over for a visit, and makes friends with a Flamingo.
Kathi's bro Dan comes over to visit...
And it's not long before he and Kathi get started.
Oh (tiny fiberoptic) Christmas tree, oh (tiny fiberoptic) Christmas tree, however twinkling your branches (as long as you're plugged in.)