This is my lame home page. I'm open to suggestions.

Kathi is my smootchieface fiance. She's stuck with me whether she likes it or not. Shaun complained that I was using the default background color, so I've added a color. Hope you're happy bud, it's called Antique White 1. Thanks to my old roomie Phred, who has a list of color codes on his homepage. My other old apartment-mate Bob allowed me to use his Mac to scan in some of the original pics for my photo album. The link to my Photo Album is now at the bottom of the page.

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I'm a big sports fan, and a huge Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers fan. I also love inline skating, ice skating, tennis and playing racquetball.

Playing with computers is my biggest waste of time. Other than playing Civilization in its various incarnations, Angband and Baldur's Gate, I'm also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

The Godzilla bug has bit me recently. I've been finding the original Japanese versions on video, plus I picked up a few toys for my desk at work. Check out Page 11 of the photo album for the toys.

Some favorite sites:


Apolyton Civilization Site

Dom's Photo Album Dom's Library